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Specialized Individual Sessions with Ana Ramana

Mystic Mentoring

After responding to a series of requests for individual sessions, there has arisen an organic movement to offer specialized counsel and support for those of you who may feel drawn. Each session will be unique and tailored towards your specific needs.


We are now living in a time ripe with opportunity to dive more deeply within and explore our spiritual interior, to stop and examine the riches within, to discover who we really are. Perhaps your findings will yield expression through words or art or movement. And now that many of us are homebound, it is wonderful that we can connect by phone or online.


I am happy to serve as midwife to your process. Your session can be intimate, healing, transformative. After a check in and chat, I will offer a relaxing guided meditation to address whatever may be flowing through for you. It will be recorded so you will have access to it permanently and may refer to it whenever you need.


Essentially we will commune heart to heart. I will listen to you with care and understanding and be with the energy that is arising and together we will watch what magic may unfold.


In these surprising times of unknowing and flux, we can come to rest in the sanctuary of our heart, in the peace and harmony of our true being that never changes or fears. We can fan the flame of our inner light to illuminate not just ourselves but the entire planet. As the wonderful poet William Stafford wrote,

“Will you ever bring a better gift for the world

than the breathing respect that you carry?”

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