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Awakening to your
True Heart

Homer, Alaska


Postponed due to the pandemic.

Please check back for updates.


Homer, Alaska

A deep dive into creative expression

5-day retreat With Ana Ramana

In the natural world, says Mary Oliver, we find “a secret correspondence with our heart.” Perhaps nowhere offers more access to nature in its primal, uncompromised state than Alaska.
You are warmly invited to join Ana there for five days of exploring the realms of your heart. Through gentle guided meditations, carefully chosen music and poems, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply and wrest pearls of your own wisdom and to write from that sanctuary of your true self. 
From the awakened place of love, Ana welcomes you into a safe, intimate and nourishing space where daily life can drop away and you can delve into the trove of riches within. There will also be time for free flowing movement and dance. 
We will gather in a beautiful, light-filled home overlooking Kachemak Bay in the artists’  haven of Homer, Alaska.
Please know that no writing experience is needed. Just bring your open heart and writing materials.
And as our venue is such a unique and special place, there will be long breaks so you can explore the variety and richness of wild Alaska and perhaps expand your correspondence with the heart of all. 

The location

We will gather in a beautiful, light-filled home overlooking Kachemak Bay in the artists’  haven of Homer, Alaska.

Getting there: Homer is on the southwestern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. From Anchorage, it’s a short flight to Homer.


Accommodations: There are many lovely Airbnb rentals in Homer, as well as cozy small hotels for you to nest in.

Please email Ana at if you would like some suggestions.

Price $495

Includes all sessions and materials. 

What is it like to participate in one of Ana’s writing workshops?

Receiving Ana's feedback on my writing is to be swathed in love.


With Ana's encouragement I have dared to explore the deeper emotions that I have kept hidden for decades.


Writing with Ana is to be challenged to be totally open and honest with myself and to have the courage to speak my truth to others.


It is an extraordinary experience to be heard by Ana. It's as if the heavens opened and a shower of glittering stars burst forth.


An invitation to a workshop with Ana is a precious opportunity to experience growth toward learning who we are meant to be.

~ Guy Peckham, Architect

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