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Heal the Past, Embrace the Now

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About Ana

For twenty years, Ana has been spreading the fruits rendered from her immersion in silence and her extensive background in literary/spiritual writing. She has taught a variety of workshops - including Spiritual Memoir, Grief Processing, Mystic Poetry at universities, medical schools, hospitals, grade and high schools. She is highly sensitive to each individual’s needs and abilities and tailors her classes to meet the specific needs of each group.

Ana strives to create a safe, nurturing yet challenging atmosphere. Through deep guided meditations, she lures writers more deeply into their heart. People typically leave their session feeling lighter, more present to themselves and their words, and gently transformed.

If you would like to invite Ana to offer a Spiritual Memoir writing workshop in your area, please contact her directly. She is delighted to travel to you if you gather a group of 8 or more.



night sky.jpg

Enjoy this video of Ana reading a poem


"Ana is an incredibly gifted poet and writer, a supremely compassionate listener and a highly sensitive and intelligent facilitator.  Her ability to create an inspiring and wholly safe space is seamless. She manages to expertly guide a group of writers and non writers at any level toward the sweet spot of inner clarity and revelation that always ends the day in shared heart and gratitude.

Ana holds an MA from Johns Hopkins University in poetry writing.  The addition of profound life experiences and a deep commitment to silence and meditation allows her to offer a unique and deeply memorable experience to anyone joining her Spiritual Memoir Writing Workshops.  I look forward to joining Ana again soon."

~Susan Berry
Port Townsend, WA

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