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Image by Quaritsch Photography
Ana Ramana

Ana Ramana is an Irish mystic poet, award-winning writer, and popular speaker and teacher. 

Pearl Beyond Price

Tell me, my dearest one,

who were you before the stories, before you fell into form?

Who are you now?

What worry is it shrouds you

from your truth?

Lure me into your deepest heart

for that is surely where I’ll meet you.

Hold up your imagined wounds

to the light.

Let love seep through.

Let it drench you
in the sheer, unsullied beauty

that bore and blossomed you.

Immerse yourself in its golden glow.


Absolve yourself of any darkness.

Unleash the radiant grace

that is your birthright.

Stop at nothing,
my loveliest child. 


Let your passion for your true self unfurl the perfect pearl
that is you.

Why keep on roaming,
my sweetest creature,

in the dream world?


Take my hand.

Let true love carry you home.


~ Ana Ramana

Image by Henry Be

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